Omani’s one rial banknote has won the special award

Oman’s reminder of the 45th National Day one rial banknote was awarded the Special Achievement Award at the Security Currency Printing Conference held in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

The banknote which is filled with the photograph of Majesty Sultan Qaboos was published by the Central Bank of Oman concerning the era for the 45th National Day.

Most highlighting details are the raised tactile marks which can be felt from both sides of the rial to help the blind or visually impaired in defining the denominations.

The banknote has also security thread in aluminium and copper with metalised images of the Omani Khanjar and “One Rial” and dumber “1” written in both Arabic and English.

The hidden photo of the number 1 appears as viewing the note undirectly.

Within the most outstanding features depicted on the banknote are Al Alarm Al Amer Palace in Muscat on the observe part of the note and the Sultan Qaboos University on the reverse, which also includes an image of pontia glauconomei which is a desert White butterfly native to Oman.