A Man Sells Everything and Bets on Bitcoin

A Man Sells Everything and Bets on Bitcoin

A 39-year-old man, Didi Taihuttu, has sold all the possession that he and his family own to invest in bitcoins. He has now headed to a campsite to live on a small fortune in an experience described as crypto in a voyage to the moon.

It seems Crazy

Taihuttu sold not only major things like his cars and house but also other minor things such as clothes, shoes, electric and motorbikes and children’s toys for this course.

As he expects to become richer when the bitcoin investment booms, Taihuttu will be stationed at a campsite in Venlo, Netherlands. He even asserts that life would be boring if no risk is taken, so he is not crazy but rather adventurous.

Blockchain revolution phenomena

Taihuttu states that come 5 years in the further people will regret it as a missed opportunity. He says that just like the internet revolutionized information, cryptocurrency and blockchain is now revolutionizing the monetary and banking system.

Not the first experience

It will not be the first time for Taihuttu appearing in the limelight for taking a major risk. Back in 2017 summer, he also made a radical decision to sell everything so as to take his wife and three daughters for a trip to Australia and Asia.

Lessons on the way

It was on the trip that Taihuttu discovered more about cryptocurrencies from the people who invested. As a consequence, since 2010 at the time when bitcoin was worth less than 1 euro, Taihuttu has been investing in such coins.