A Global Crypto Data Feed To Be Introduced by Wall Street

A Global Crypto Data Feed To Be Introduced by Wall Street

Global cryptocurrency data feed is being created by ICE (Intercontinental Exchange Inc.) to display real-time data for the digital currencies that seem active.

ICE, the Fortune 500 Company that owns many exchanges in Netherlands, Singapore and at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), want to be involved in the volatile crypto market. It will be seeking to partner with Blockstream, a company engaged in funding numerous bitcoin projects and bitcoin core applications, to carry out this task.

There will be broad coverage of the main cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, ripple, dash, and Ethereum in the feed. Also, from the 2018’s first quarter, almost 80% of various crypto-exchange trading volume data, like currency, price, quantity, and timestamp will be displayed.

Geared towards quality information

Lynn Martin, ICE COO, alluded that investors will be given comprehensive variance pricing information gained from over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The Dollar and other main global currency pairs will measure the strength of each cryptocurrency

The good thing is that Blockstream will pick different data sets from various cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide and consolidate it into standardized and normalized data like historical and real-time trade information.

The ICE team aims the Consolidated Feed will mainstream the crypto trend through providing possible quality real-time information that limits price discovery latency.