FY2017 Could Make Big Shifts in Global Equities and Currencies

Whether you think about 2016 as a decent or an awful year, it was by undoubtedly the year of shocks. Not on the grounds that Donald Trump was chosen the 45th president of the United Stated or in light of the fact that the UK chose to leave the European Union, yet the business sectors’ responses to these occasions were considerably all the more astonishing and most forecasters missed the point.

Taking after the decision of Donald Trump on November 8, all U.S. indexes recorded new highs. The Dow Jones rose 8%, S&P 500 and Nasdaq composite picked up 5%.

The rising U.S. Dollar which is presently at a 14-year high is another wellspring of stress for the Fed, and fixing too quick will prompt to much more grounded dollar hitting U.S. fares and multinational organizations’ benefits.

Anticipating the finish of the positively trending business sector is an intense call, yet the drawback hazard in 2017 is probably going to be bigger than the upside potential. On the off chance that U.S. policymakers prevail with regards to conveying the expected development we can see another 5 – 10% picks up in U.S. stocks, however inability to do as such will bring about a lofty selloff that could surpass 20%.

Asian markets were higher on Monday’s trade, taking after the Dow Jones hitting the 20,000 mark during Friday trade.

The Dollar exchange rate is currently trading around at 102.37 against the group of six currencies. It had exchanged at a scope of 101.3 to 103.82 last week.  Against the Dollar, the Yen got 117.46 while the Australian Dollar remained at $0.7307 contrasted with levels as low as 0.718 a week ago.