Distinguishing Segwit vs Segwit2x

Distinguishing Segwit vs Segwit2x

There is usually a lot of confusion surrounding the whole discussion about Bitcoin forking. But, it will soon be explained in understandable proportions.

What entails Segwit?

After serious issues emanated, Pieter Wuille, Bitcoin Core developer, proposed the segregated Witness (Segwit) update to be incorporated into the bitcoin software at the end of 2015. Segwit eliminates transaction malleability thereby improving the network of users. It is advantageous as it doesn’t raise the block size parameters as it increases the transaction volumes.

What is Segwit 2x about?

It is an optimization update to bitcoin that came up from the New York Agreement which aims to scale up the Bitcoin block to 2 MB. Segwit dealt with some transaction mistakes as it provided a good platform for further improvements but didn’t solve the small blocks problem. Additionally, with the number of internal fees and transactions increasing in rate, users’ huge data needs may not be met with one MB like in the past.

It’s not a battle but a compliment

It is not a battle where we must have a straight winner but a compliment in technologies aimed at bringing some consensus in the technology improvements. As such any code that was operational during BiP141 (Segwit) should also be applicable in BiP148 (Segwit 2x).

All these technologies are aimed to address the challenges that the bitcoin community faces.