Despite A Solid Crypto Market, Litecoin Still Records Impressive Performance

Despite A Solid Crypto Market, Litecoin Still Records Impressive Performance

Amidst the cryptocurrency market displaying a sustainable solid performance, Litecoin continuous to register tremendous performance improvements. In the past few weeks, it has maintained a high performance of over $85. Some analysts predict that its price may hit the $100 at the end of December or beginning of January.

Many analysts were startled with Litecoin trading when in less than a period of 24 hrs, $381 was mln was traded. Even as Bitcoin seemed to surpass the 9k mark, Litecoin seems to be heading towards a new all-high.

Impressing, Bitfinex and GDAX exchanges seem to particularly outperform Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange regarding the hugest chunk of Litecoin trading volume.

Solid performance

Litecoins are not the only ones in the digital currency market that has recorded an upward trajectory. Popular altcoins such as Ethereum and Bitcoin has continued to register sustainable price increases as other altcoins like Dash and Monero register all-time high prices.

In the midst of tremendous Bitcoin rise, other digital currencies seem to present a strong performance which indicates that the cryptocurrency market is set to experience a future phenomenon growth. This new trend exhibits an increasing acceptance of other altcoins such as Litecoin which used to decline sharply and adversely affected whenever Bitcoin posted good performance.

With a capitalization of over $4.5bln, industry players see much potential in Litecoin but are keen to see whether the bullish performance is sustainable.