“Crypto Crop” Will Do Well

“Crypto Crop” Will Do Well

2017 was a fantastic year in the crypto world when several digital currencies performed wonderfully. Most of the headlines were covered with bitcoin especially in the last 2 months, but it failed to be in the top 10 percentage gains.

Ethereum on its part registered outstanding performance gains of 9,162% to settle at the sixth position as one of the oldest coin, Litecoin, also registered phenomenon gains of 5, 045% to be on the ninth spot. Dash also recorded notable gains when it reached its all-time high in mid-December with almost a 13,900% return.

A newer coin like Ardor and NEM also faired pretty well by becoming number 3 and 2 respectively. Golem, Binance Coin stellar and OmiseGo filled the rest top 10 positions.

How it faired on..

The Extraordinary Ripple

Last year, Ripple took the overall trophy with a whopping 36,018% return where the most performance growth occurred in December. It made the price performance of Ripple incomparable even if bitcoin held the headline.

Heading to 2018

Even though the start of the year witnessed a decline in the several cryptos prices, the total market cap for all cryptocurrencies seems to be increasing. Max Keiser, a Digital currency enthusiast, claims that we may see an over $5 trln digital currency market cap even as Bitcoin cements itself as the digital gold when it hits a price of $100,000. Other altcoins are likely to follow suit and record impressive returns.