Bitcoin and Crypto Might $1 Trillion Market Cap Come 2018

Bitcoin and Crypto Might $1 Trillion Market Cap Come 2018

Blockchain, bitcoin, and ICOs are cryptocurrencies that are playing a game which seems not understandable to many people. The $2 billion ICO investments gains have amazed people in 2017 who now feel it as a breakthrough moment.

But, what we are about to see come 2018, makes 2017 advancements seem a dwarf. Come 2018 investments in ICOs may reach $21bn to 25 bln as the real big game begins to unfolds.

Towards the trillion

We are set to see market cap commence to head to $1 trln as it explodes and surpasses the 500 mln mark. Institutional money is ready and willing to steer the market towards that direction.

Crypto’s price needs not to double or treble overnight for this phenomenon to become achievable. With app tokens services and products, assets and equities will be tokenized as crypto indexes securities become polarized.

How is that possible? Well!  When institutional investors’ needs are met through ICOs compliance and regulations, then the crypto floodgates will open.

New factors

As fiat currency devalues, eroding the spending power and threatening fractional reserve banking, more individuals will bank on crypto as a haven.

To counter BTC and other leading cryptos pressure on the monetary system, nations like Japan, Russia, and the rest will have to possess a fully Central-backed cryptocurrency.

Market actors will bring a new assortment of attractive crypto/blockchain funds opportunities to investors to ease the underlying market volatility. ICOs is set to take over as assets and equities become tokenized.